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Build Trust

Use your reviews to build confidence and cut back your website site demission.

Augment your Estimation

Assemble feedbacks, comprehend your customers, and showcase how incredible you are.

Drive more Traffic

Reviews will boost your presence in search engines and social media, and amplify click-through rates.

New Generation

Connecting your customers and products to your prospect buyers.

Increase Conversion

Use your reviews to create confidence and reduce website abandonment.

Improve Service

Respond to reviews, rescue unhappy customers, and increase your retention rate.

SEO Ready

The endorsement feeds are pre-built with rich snippets to index well in Google and present your amazing stars in the Google search results.

Social Media Integration

Automatically route your positive reviews with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

About Us

We love our clients.

WorldWideScan (WWS) is the first in class leading community of online IT enterprise companies and products reviewers. The community helps clients find the right company and product for their needs. WWS' objective is to make the web a better place for IT users by allowing them to share their feedback and view what other individuals think. IT organizations, products and services are exponentially growing in today’s world.

We want to make your life less demanding and help you discover better and more astute products. We are a company free from pressure of big brands and lobbyist attempting to push a specific product or a knowledge of their version of the truth. We want you to discover and listen to every voice about the products, the good, the bad and the ugly because you deserve to know as much as possible before you put up your money into it.

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Our Process

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Quick and easy process for signup allows you to get started in less than a minute.

Add your data

Intuitive portal that allows to add SEO friendly content about your company and products.

Get Your Dedicated Page

Dedicated Landing page for your company allows users to easily learn all about your company and products.

Learn from statistics

In depth analytics data improves the visibility and helps boost your business by learning about the weak points.


total reviews.


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Personalized Dashboard Unified Management

The company portal is a single access point allowing you to view and manage all your business critical information. Intuitive, easy to use company portal allows company admins to manage all published information about company and products from single management portal. Upon first login, user is guided through the process to get them started. This personalized dashboard is designed keeping all verticals in mind that enables users to add several key information about the company such as company description, social media information, company logo, address, awards. By allowing to add unlimited products from the dashboard, the company admin can browse and manage different products with just a few clicks. Company admin can also send invitation to their trusted customers to add reviews for their company and products and setup the customized feedback message for the reviewers.

All your analytical data

Revolutionize your business and make your analytics work for you. With in depth analytical data showing the site visitor counts, average products ratings, product popularities, you can feel the freedom of being able to access your business critical information. With every indicator, you have ability to see the metrics you want. Become acquainted with your over a wide span of time so you can plan for the future. Advanced statistics data allows users to view

About Services

Join Us now and Boost your presence.

Syndicated Reviews

Instantly accomplish minimum amount in the area of product surveys. WWS has combined a large collection of analysts and users reviews and will coordinate them to your company and product feeds.

Client Reviews

Build trust from your site guests by showcasing positive reviews about your products and company. Reviews are gathered and directed by WWS so the fairness gives this component genuine weight.

Questions & Answers

Allow site visitors to post questions and receive answers directly from your customer services team. Increase conversion rate by increasing the confidence of your prospective buyers.

Review Analytics

Gain full insight into customer sentiment of your own brand. Access un-restricted and unlimited data from thousands of sources, updated on a daily basis. Monitor your own product and benchmark with competitors.

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